Project by Sam; HUGE LED Pixel Panel

Sam just shared a new project: "HUGE LED Pixel Panel"

I’ve always been fascinated by LED screens and seeing beautiful colours mix and merge to create vibrant displays. I also love games, so what better way to combine the two than a giant LED pixel matrix which can play games, display audio levels, really anything you can think of.

It uses a Raspberry Pi to controller strips of digital LEDs mounted inside a pixel grid with a diffuser mounted on top. It requires some basic woodworking skills, soldering, and knowledge of Raspberry Pi.

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Hi Sam,
I love this project!
I’m very keen to have a go myself and wondered if you would mind sharing the 3D print file for the baffle?

Hey Amanda,

Not a problem, I’ll put it up later today.

I’ve added a .zip file with the baffle STL files. Note that you may need to either modify the file, or trim them when you print them. But I designed these not to lock in 100% to allow for some additional wiggle room in the frame. Black silicon was used to fill the gap along with epoxy.

Hi Sam,

Love this post. Is it possible to make this project as a 10x10matrix ? Does core electronics run a course for this project or could we contact you via email for help?


Hi Nicole,

You can make this project as a 10x10 matrix, you just take change the ‘sizeX’ and ‘sizeY’ variables in the code and it will work!

We don’t run a course for this project, but everything you need to make your own is provided in the project page, including the 3D printing files. If you want any help with the project we can help you out here on the forum!

Hi Sam and Stephen

Greetings from Denmark, Europe! Fantastic looking project which I’m planning on adopting as my first experiment with Raspberry Pi electronics projects :slight_smile: If all goes to plan I’ll have a very nice looking LED spectrum analyzer/visualizer in my garage for an upcoming party :yum:

I want to use some ADA102 led strips, which have 24 LEDs per 100 cm strip, and I hope that I can figure out a good distance from the LED to a diffuser material to make them light up the diffuser material in a nice uniform looking way.

I wanted to take a look at the STL files you attached to this post to get some inspiration for how I can make something similar (I plan on using Autodesk Fusion 360 for the modelling) but suited to my LED strips, but it seems like the file is no longer where it is linked. Can you help reattach/link it?

Kind regards Jakob