Project by Sheepiely; Kid’s Music Box

I’ve just shared a new project: "Kid’s Music Box"

I want to make a portable music box that my 2 year old kid can operate intuitively on her own. So, Spotify or any other on-demand music platform with tablets and Bluetooth speakers are out of the question. Remember the good old days of putting a cassette tape into a boombox and you can press the play button? This is a modern version of that.
Press the on button, put a little figurine onto the box and it will start playing your favourite music!
I am not a coder. At the most, I can only describe myself as tech savvy, so I started the journey by googling for a semi-coded product that I could use on the spare Raspberry Pi lying around. I started with Mopidy but my buttons were temperamental with the Mopidy GPIO extension. Giving an unreliable product to a 2 year old was asking for trouble, so back to my friend, Google.
I then came across this beautiful build but the main problem was I did not want to pay for Spotify Premium, so I went back to Google again.
And bam! I found exactly what I was after - a simple, flexible build with an active, supportive community (no soldering was a bonus).  Here comes Phoniebox!

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This is so cute! What a great little creation. I’ve got some nieces and nephews who’d love this!


We have had ours for 5 months now and it’s still a favourite with the kids!