PS3 bluetooth to rasbian with py3.7

Good Day,
I’ve watched Sam’s excellent video on bluetooth setup on raspberry pi . I’m not sure when is was posted but I’m using rasbian pi3 and was able to get evdev to load and work however I’m having trouble connecting a PS3 controller. It sees the Id # and it tries to connect. under the bluetoothctl program it connects but wants the controller to enter a pin number. On a PS3 there is noway to do that. Is there a workaround? I’ve tried connect, trust, and pair while it is displaying the controller# sign under blluetooth ctl. after a time it disconnects from bluetoothctl. Thanks for the help


Hi Louis,

I included your question in our live stream, however, I missed that you were using standard Raspbian (not RetroPi).

That changes pretty much EVERYTHING that I said :slight_smile:

This guide would be spot-on, it’s a little more involved than other controllers