Pycom Pysense Issue, Support Please

Hi CE,

Am having an issue with a Pysense. Have upgraded FW, as per guides, all good and works initially as expected, COM port shows up etc. However after extended power down, overnight, the Pysense is no longer discoverable as a COM port, shows the libusbk device in the control panel, with ongoing connect and disconnect. Reloaded the firmware, success initially and then fails again after power down. No issue with the LoPy installed on Pysense, have moved this to a Exp Board 3.0 and works fine immediately. Your advice is appreciated. Thanks. Steve B.

Hi Steve,

You shouldn’t be seeing libusbk for both Application and DCU mode. It’s likely the Application driver has been replaced with libusbk (which is only used for DCU).

It would be best to update the Application driver as shown here

And Pycom forum is also the best place for system-level support if you need a nudge in the right direction from there

Thanks Graham, will give that a try and let you know how I go.