Pycom Pysense & Pytrack Firmware Update

Chris just shared a new tutorial: "Pycom Pysense & Pytrack Firmware Update"

Pysense and Pytrack boards have a “firmware update mode”. Unlike the Pycom microcontrollers you don’t add a jumper to the board to access this mode, you hold down the on-board button when you plug it in. The board appears to Wi…

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Minor type-o

  1. If you type dfu-util-static.exe -d pys and hit the TAB key it will auto complete the name of the DFU file. If you’re upgrading a Pytrack then replace pys with pyt in the above. Don’t hit the ENTER key yet!

dfu-util-static.exe -d pys
should be
dfu-util-static.exe -D pys

Cheats speed guide to Firmware upgrade. Any question refer to the tutorial above for details. (but let me know if i made any obvious blunders). I made this guide as a prompt for me to get the steps right for next time i have to do this :slight_smile: It has to be easier 2nd or 3rd time around ?!?

  1. Remove any Pycom MCU’s from the board you want to update firmware.
  2. Download & unzip DFU-util v0.9 into same directory of your firmware DFU’s (either Pytrack, Pysense, Exp Board v3.0, Exp Board v3.1) Note: only have the firmware DFU’s you want to update in the same directory for the <TAB> auto complete to work.
  3. Run Zadig be ready to click Install Driver button hold down the boad button and plug in USB cable into the computer.
  4. Click the Install Driver button quickly before it reverts to a COM port.
  5. Unplug the USB
  6. Open a command line in directory where the DFU exe & binary firmware files are located and type one of the following as appropriate for the board you are updating.
    dfu-util-static.exe -D pys
    dfu-util-static.exe -D pyt
    dfu-util-static.exe -D expansion3
    dfu-util-static.exe -D expansion31
    and press <TAB> auto complete the full firmware DFU binary file name.
  7. Plug the USB back in to the computer with the board key pressed and quickly press <ENTER> to execute the dfu command.

The successful firmware update ends with this in the cmd window…

Download [=========================] 100% 16384 bytes
Download done.
state(2) = dfuIDLE, status(0) = No error condition is present


Thanks for the catch Peter!

Thank you for the video. One question I have is that I’m using a pysense board with a lopy extension. So I updated the firmware after removing the lopy board and everything seems to have went well with the update, but afterward, I was unable to connect to the board through atom pymaker. Any idea what could be causing the problem?


It would be worth checking the USB ID that the device enumerates. If it’s anything other than Application mode 0xF012 then something is wrong.

The official guide covers off on how to fix that scenario.

If application mode enumerates the correct USB ID then it’s likely just a COM port conflict. Try restarting Atom and/or the PC.

Hello Everyone,
I am new here and also working first time on hardware. I have pymaker expansion board v3.1 when I try to update the firmware of the board using Zadig every time It failed. I followed all the instructions which are given on documentation of pycom but still unable to find the solution. I am also attaching the screenshot of the error which I received while updating the firmware on Zadig.Capture

Hey @Muhammad100541,

Follow along with this tutorial which should get you through any issues. One thing to note is the DFU-util and the firmware must be in the same directory.

Let us know how you get on.

I buy pytrack and lopy4 module 3days ago. first of all I completed procedure firmware update and I saw sentence (The driver installation success and No error condition is present.) but when I run ATOM IDE connecting to COMxx then Connecting error : Error : timeout. sometimes appear just like port is not open. How can I solve this problem. plz reply to me.