Query - What BootLoaders (PINN/BerryBoot/Noobs/etc) do people prefer

Hi All,
Just curious what locals prefer to use for their Raspberry Pi devices,
I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 4 - 8GB model with Argon SSD case, so have been messing around with a few different loaders,

As i am getting mixed results with being able to get Images working & Wish to load the Images onto the M2 SSD, not the Micro SD, I am wondering what people prefer as the majority of the articles i find online are outdated.



Hey :smiley:

I’ve used NOOBS in the past although with how cheap uSD cards are these days I’ll flash one for a project and leave it in. One card for each OS, with VNC on all of my Pi’s having it boot straight into an OS is a must.


That’s an interesting issue, when you say that you’re getting mixed results when you’re running it within the case, is the Pi failing to start/boot? And are you getting any error messages back when you’re trying to get it running with particular bootloaders and which bootloaders are you trying to get running?

PINN has been the only loader I have found that i can take advantage of Multiple Boots onto the Argon Case M2 SSD Enclosure (i.e., use the M2 SSD to store multiple images). However, for the last 2 weeks, the PINN loader keeps prompting me errors “Error downloading distribution list from internet https://isshoni.org/pinn/os_list_v3.json
In the meantime i have Raspbian and SD Card copier to copy it over to the SSD and removed the Micro SD, but wasn’t able to get it working with Kali Linux.
i’ll probably just end up getting another Raspberry Pi but was keen to see if anyone else uses alternatives to PINNN that allows you to store multiple images onto an SSD. Thanks

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