Question on displaying compass on colour 128x128 OLED SSD1351

Need help on displaying live compass from GY-271 to a colour OLED 128x128 SSD1351 driver, and also mirror the text display.


Hi Dante,

Can you share some info on your microcontroller and coding environment? (arduino, pico, C, micropython?)

That should help us get you some links to guides and libraries :slight_smile:



Hi James
Really appreciate your reply.
I’m using Arduino Nano
LIS2MDL compass
OLED colour 128x128 ssd1351.
This set up works but the compass value is like flashing or flickering
And I also need to mirror the display because it will be projected on a beam splitter optics 50mmx50mm.

Secondly I also want to use GY-271 compass instead if LIS2MDL
My company is a developer of new technology and I am prototyping.

Thanking you in advance
Dante Afinidad

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This is a hobbyist forum hosted by Core Electronics. People interested in electronics share their experiences with others of like interest. Some of the posters work for Core Electronics and provide help to people related to the products they have purchased and these people often share an interest in electronics too.

If your application is of a commercial nature this is NOT really the place to seek advice. Most of the help on this forum is valid and of help to the original poster, but it comes with no guarantee. If your company was to follow the advice and it did not work out or was costly to your company, then what.



Is there a reason for using the Arduino Nano? If this is a prototype then it makes sense to use a MCU that would likely be used in production, and while the Arduino is very attractive to hobbyists, because of its ease of use and vast resources for beginners, it’s not a likely choice for a production item. Also, it’s possible that the flashing is due to a slow update rate, which would not be a problem with a current processor. But without details of the OLED display you are using, what you are trying to display (eg, simple text of color graphics) and the libraries that you are using it is difficult to give specific advice. Break your project down into specific tasks and ask about each one separately, providing full details of what you are using, where you are up to so far, and the exact issue you need to deal with. Also, include links to the data about the items you are using - people will be more willing to provide advice if they don’t need to go searching for details.


Hi Jim

I would think WATCH OUT.
I think I mentioned professional indemnity insurance a short while ago.

Hi Dante:

Thanks for advising the forum at this stage to allow contributors to evaluate the wisdom of offering advice or not.
Cheers Bob.


Hi Dante,

Jim, Jeff and Bob raise excellent points about using the recommendations from the forum in commercial ventures very well.

If you’re after protecting intellectual property and some level of garuantee I’d check out a hardware engineering consultancy to see if they could design and document a solution.

I’d get stuck into the documentation and hook up your circuit to an oscilloscope to debug any issues.


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