Qwiicboost module

Hello all,

I picked up a qwiic boost from Core a few days ago. I want to interface a solderparty keyboard to my Arduino project so I need to level convert the Arduino I2C (+5v) to 3v3 which is the task of the qwiic boost and I think it should be OK since the keyboard is output only.

Question: The qwiic boost looks like a simplex operation and outputs +5 signalling to 3v3 signalling?



Hi @Gerard163258
Looking at the schematic, the Qwiic boost appears to use a very common bi-directional logic-level translator circuit.

Since we’re talking about I2C, all logic level conversions need to be bi-directional because the bus can be driven by the Controller (arduino) or the device (keyboard)

in short, it will work for connecting 3v3 logic devices to a 5V arduino

best of luck with your project :smiley:

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Oh yeah. I looked at the schematic again and you are right.

The project is nearing the stage where we need some test sites to get some real user data and feedback.

I didn’t realise this but the biggest challenge by far is not technical but getting investors to put up some funds. I knew it would be a challenge but I didn’t think that it would be quite that hard. :smiley:

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