Rack Tower for Raspberry Pi 4B/ 3B & Jetson Nano (FIT0775)

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Rack Tower stands for a new concept for the 4-layer acrylic case for the cluster. This 4-layer acrylic oversized fan enclosure is a new product designed to provide … read more

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Could you provide a link to a PDF of the assembly instructions for this case.

Also if possible, some detailed engineering drawings.

I recently bought one of the 4 x Pi Tower mounts. I came across this case while I was searching for that again because I’m wanting to add some further layers.

What I’m considering, and what I’m after more detailed information for, is to see how difficult it would be to mount the other 4 Pi Tower on the top of this one.

Hi Fozzy,

I’ve had a look at the manufacturer’s info for this product, and haven’t found anything about the assembly or manufacture of it. I’d say that you’d likely have to 3D print or laser cut something custom to make them fit nicely, as this case uses horizontal standoffs with vertical panels, whereas our stand uses the opposite.

All the best with the hunt, and sorry we couldn’t find what you were after! If there are any key dimensions you want us to measure, let us know.

Thanks @James for your research.

Some follow-up questions:

  1. In the shipping list above it mentions: “Installation instructions”, would you be able to scan that and include it on the page?
  2. Is the fan controllable? Both speed and led colour(s)?
  3. I see what you mean about vertical verses horizontal stacking. Do you think a top clear acrylic cover would be possible? Somehow affixed to the two long top bolts (I’d remove the “handle”)? I’m thinking that cover could then have the 4 bolt holes for the tower.
  4. Are the Length x Width dimensions of such a cover, bigger than what can be requested as a job for your laser cutter?
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Hi Fozzy,

I’ll give your questions a crack:

  1. I’ve scanned the manual as best I can, it’s now on the product page (and here)

  2. The fan seems to be a constant speed, with no control pin. You’d be able to use a transistor and kickback diode to control it from a Pi Pin, or use a Fan SHIM (You’re actually not locked into the little fan they include with the SHIM. I’ve used a 555 and a potentiometer for fan control in the past, (could be useful if you wanted something simple that can work with 12V fan)
    The LED colors don’t seem to be controllable, but I’d bet good money that it’s either: a) a few zones of common cathode/anode RGB LEDs, or addressable ones like WS2812s/APA102s you could control with a small microcontroller or a Pi (this would be a bit hard) or b) a standard size you can replace with a PC fan with more documented control.

  3. My mind goes to a special laser-cut panel for our tower case that has spots for zip-ties to strap it into the standoffs/crossmembers on this case, here’s a crude MSPAINT drawing of what I mean:

  4. Our laser cutter is pretty big, we can accept jobs as large as 420x300mm:
    Service - Laser Cutting <420x300mm Australia

Hope this sorts you out!

Thanks @James the PDF led me to this page:


Which seems to be the original source of the build instructions. It mentions that the fan is controllable.

Hi Fozzy,

Good to hear, I found their site too but couldn’t get to the right page.

I’m not seeing where it mentions being controllable (although clearly, I’m missing things with this case)

Keen to see what you do with this one!

I’m looking for a tower for a project, however my SBC is a Pine64 pine64pro, which is 130 x 80mm. Is there enough space for this board to fit? (height not an issue with this tower!).
If there’s not enough space, is there something you could suggest that’s similar?
Thank you

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Hi James,

Hmmm, That’s quite a bit bigger than a Jetson Nano or a Pi.

If it were me, I’d try my hand at designing something to be laser cut, then use some standoffs to space the acrylic out:


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