Tower Mount Enclosure 4x Raspberry Pi (CE04439)

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Now you can mount and display your own Raspberry Pi stack for use as a server / cluster / processing farm.

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Hi Looking t SKU: CEO4439, but don’t see any assembly instruction

Hi Jeffery,

Just posting here too so others can see. The assembly process is:

Mount the Pi’s to the acrylic layers, using the nylon fasteners, placing the small acrylic spacers between the Pis and the acrylic layers.

Then, assemble the tower, starting with the bottom layer and the dome nuts.

A tips for others about this product.
The D-Link 5 port gigabit switch
Fits perfectly into on of the shelves of this tower.
If you were creating a cluster of 4 Pis, if you added a 5th “shelf”, this D-Link switch would be perfect for connecting them all together in one neat stack.
(I have no connection to D-Link, I just discovered this myself and wanted to share it with others)

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Awesome work Fozzy.

Do you have a photo of your setup? I’d be keen to see it :smiley:


Hi @Liam Liam,

An earlier photo before cabling. I’m counting down my 21 days until I can get my 4th Pi :slightly_smiling_face:.

I’m still trying to figure out how to do the cable management. So far I’ve bought a number of these:

To stop the power cables sticking out as far.

With the switch in the tower, I’ll now need at least one more shelf. You can also see in the photo one of the SanDisk USB SSDs that I’m using to the right of the stack. I’m considering adding a second extra shelf for those.

However, when I went to lookup to buy another 4 stack tower, I saw Core is selling this:

As a result, I’m thinking about using a combo of these (as you’ll note in my forum post for that part).