Rasp pi A+ not booting

Have a new out for the box A+ that will not boot if a usb stick is plugged in. If stick is removed it will boot ok, I can put the same sd card and usb stick into other A+ boards with no issues.
Any suggestions?

Hi Craig,

Does this problem follow with any USB stick?

The couple I tried yes, but if I put in a dongle for keyboard mouse, it works ok

What is powering the A+ (if an aftermarket power supply, what is the voltage and amps)?

The power supply for a pi 3 B.

I have used the same supply to setup many other A+ using same model stick without any problems.

Hi Craig,

Are you running a fresh install of Raspbian?

Running ubuntu mate, but the sd card being used works fine in other boards

Hi Craig,

Despite it being an unlikely cause since it works on other boards, try with a fresh image of Rasbian and see if you still have the same issue. 90% of Pi issues are image related, even when they sometimes seem like they shouldn’t be.

The latest Raspbian is definitely worth a go, and a useful way to half-split hardware/software.

If the latest Raspbian doesn’t work in the A+ but does work in the other boards, then it’s going to be hardware related.

The down side is what I’m using the boards for don’t work correctly using raspbian hence why I’m using ubuntu

Is it just USB Storage Devices that cause the issue? Because it sounds a little like it might be trying to boot from the drives and falling over. Maybe have a look at your Raspi Config and see if there is something strange set.
Here is a guide for enabling USB boot on the 3 might help you find the issue.

The same usb and sd cards work fine in other boards

Yes, it would my understanding is that that guide involves writing to a register on the board itself.