Raspberry pi 3 just has 2 lights red and orange

I purchased this and put t all together and get no display (does not seem to detect monitor) and only flashes orange light with red light fully on - do I need do anything other than hook everything together?

have just tried ti get this working - conn4ected weverything and no display and just 1 red and 1 orange flashing light thisis what i have Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit CE00300 1 $89.00
1 x Raspberry Pi 3 Model B $0.00 CE00269
1 x Raspberry Pi 3 Power Supply (Official) $0.00 CE00278
1 x Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Enclosure (Official) $0.00 CE00277
1 x HDMI Cable 1M $0.00 CE00292
1 x 16GB MicroSD card with NOOBS for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B $0.00 CE00279

HI Joe,

Have you followed the steps in our Raspberry Pi Online Course? A solid red indicates that the board is powered and a flashing orange usually indicates that the board is working. Is it flashing in a specific pattern? Check the settings on the monitor you are using?

Lets see if any of that is the issue!

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Sadly its user error

Monitor fritzed…

All good

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