Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Rainbow Screen, lightning bolt. Power issues?

I bought an RPi 3 B+ last week - delivered the next day, very nice - but I think it might be a dodgy unit. I’m getting red flashes (Four long, four short), then the coloured boot screen shows up, with a lightning bolt in the corner, and that’s as far as it gets.

I’ve tried it with two official power supplies, three known working SD cards, same results.

Which version of NOOBs are you running on the SD cards? If it’s an older version (pre 2.7.0) that’s the exact response you will receive.

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Ahah - I’ve got NOOBs for model B, not B+. I’ll update and let you know how it goes.

I also tried an install with Picroft with the same results, hence the confusion.

Cheers Aidan.


Not a problem. You can run sudo update + upgrade with your NOOBs card in a Pi 3 B to get Raspbian Stretch. Then simply swap it over to the Model B+. Or you can follow our guides:

  1. Repair an SD Card that has been used for a Linux OS install
  2. Create a NOOBs card

2.7.0 did the trick.

Cheers again Aidan!