Has anyone had issue with the PI 4 USB. I have no power on any of the USB connectors on the board. I’ve reset the board a few times and swapped cables and devices with no luck?
Any thoughts?


Hi Jason,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, it’s been a hectic week here in the office!

That’s very unusual - the USB connectors get their power almost directly from the Power port on the Pi. There’s very little in the way of componentry in the middle (though it will need to be booted up, and I think it might be possible to turn them off via a config setting). If you have a multimeter I’d suggest testing two things:

  1. Test for continuity to ground of the USB connector casing to ground
  2. With the Pi powered on, test for 5v power on the 5v pin on the GPIO header.

Checkout pinout.xyz for the Pi GPIO header pinout:

I’d also suggest updating the EEPROM bootloader using the Recovery option from the Raspberry Pi Imager:

And trying a clean install of Raspberry Pi OS.

Hi Jason,

It’s definitely very weird - it’s the first time I’ve heard of this. It sounds like it might be a warranty issue so it’d be best to send us an email.

Please just reply to your order confirmation/invoice email with a link to this forum topic and we’ll get it sorted for you :slight_smile:

PS. It looks like you responded to the forum post by replying to an email; just note that this will post your email signature with all your personal contact details (I’ve taken them down for you).

Jason I saw something similar but in my case it was when booting to command line only USB did not work.
If I booted to desktop then USB (mouse and keyboard) all lit up and worked well.
It was really weird, never seen before or after. We could not work out if it was firmware or hardware issue and the Core team didn’t find a problem as their test process booted directly to desktop. They were great in the end and replaced it but thought you may have something similar.

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