Raspberry Pi 4 8Gb not booting


I recently bought a Raspberry Pi 4 (8Gb model), and am having problems booting into any operating system. I’m using the official RPI power supply, and the HDMI cabling works with another RPi4.

I had prepared a Micro SD card with Ubuntu 18.04 (64bit). See screenshot, it stops booting saying the board requires newer software.

I also tried the following:

Any further suggestions, let me know.

  • Eric

Hi all,

I was able to resolve the problem by reformatting the SD card and installing Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) Lite. This allowed me to boot into the OS and do updates and upgrades.


Hi Eric,

Glad to hear that it’s now working correctly. For future reference of any readers on this forum I’ve attached some extra debugging steps below. All the best with it!

  • If Pi 4 - Ensure that HDMI is connected before the power and is connected to HDMI0 on the Pi4

  • If using your own uSD, you will need to use the newest version of Noobs or Raspbian for support of new board variants.

  • If using your own uSD (not a preloaded NOOBS from us), we recommend BalenaEtcher to write the freshly downloaded image to your USD (this fixes most boot issues, due to incorrect formatting methods)

  • If Pi 4 - Check that the Pi4 bootloader is correct with the recovery steps.

  • Have a look over this thread that has a lot of advice on boot issues.

  • Check that the SD card has not been damaged by a drop or mishandling (uSD should be removed when installing Pi into a case to avoid snapping the uSD).

  • Ensure you are using a power supply that can provide 5.1V (not just 5 Volts) at a minimum of 2 Amps

  • Check the HDMI cable connectors for damage. Shine a light (phone torch would suffice) into the connectors and check for dislodged/damaged pins.

  • Check the Power Connector (both on the Pi and on the lead) in the same way, inspecting for dislodged/damaged pins.

As all RPi boards are electrically tested post-manufacture, in the majority of use cases we find the uSD is at fault (we have replacements here if you don’t have one handy).

Core Electronics | Support

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my boot loader boasts sep 9 2020…so it just could be out of date or has become unstable…

i agree with Bryce on this issue…need to reinstall the boot loader…

you casn write into the loader file before you flash it i have re-flashed mine using ubuntu i changed the boot order so it boots fron the usb port if it cannot find a op-sys on the usb it then looks at the sd-card


you can have a look here…

also this page may be of assistance to many users…having the fault codes…

this may be handy as well…

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