Raspberry Pi 4 NUC Bundle (8GB) (CE08072)

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Setup a small-form-factor Raspberry Pi 4 computer with this intuitive kit

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Do I need anything else with the “ Raspberry Pi 4 NUC Bundle (8GB)”
Bundle to get it running aside from screen and peripherals?

Does the kit include 1 or 2 HDMI cables? Just wondering because the photo has 2 but the parts list only sayd “1m HDMI Cable”.

@Sergio203955 at least one screen, a keyboard and a mouse and you’re good to go, but you might want to reflash the micro SD card to use a 64 bit OS. Though 32 bit can still use the full 8GB, each process is limited to 3GB ref: https://www.raspberrypi.com/news/8gb-raspberry-pi-4-on-sale-now-at-75/ (that’s US$75)

Our default operating system image uses a 32-bit LPAE kernel and a 32-bit userland. This allows multiple processes to share all 8GB of memory, subject to the restriction that no single process can use more than 3GB. For most users this isn’t a serious restriction, particularly since every tab in Chromium gets its own process.

Hi Doug,

I can confirm it comes with two HDMI cables, I’ll see if we can update the product page to explicitly state this.


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The Rpi 4 uses a micro HDMI cable, why does this come with 2 standard hdmi cables?

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Hi Ben,

The Argon ONE V2’s daughter board converts the two micro HDMI inputs to full-size HDMI.


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