Raspberry Pi 400 Complete Kit (CE07371)

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This is a ready-to-go kit that includes the Raspberry Pi 400 Computer along with all the accessories you’ll need to get started with projects.

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Hi, is the Raspberry Pi 400 available with 8GB RAM?

If so, at what price for the Complete Kit?

At the moment the Pi 400 is only available with 4GB. Don’t know if the Pi foundation has any plans for other Ram options like there is with the 4B

where is the pi-400 M-2…since they migrated it into this key board just fit an m-2 controller and a back opening door to change out an m-2 drive…??

i would atm just add a usb3 to m-2 sata bridge …search the web for them…
note depending on your bridge tye you may need to add it to the cmdline.txt file if your booting off it or if it wont run on the usb 3 ports…but will run on the usb 2 ports…

my notes here…for making it work if the bridge is not migrated into the kernel…

on another note you could buy an argon base ssd housing and fit a usb dvd rom as a cover to it and run it with a usb hub this may also be a builders/makers dream …
another idea for core they could make top covers for them another core made product… and there would be no extra code added as they are 100% compatible with the rpi-4 boards…just the ned for a good quality usb3 lead …i have one right here it is approx 20 cm long male to male blue connectors and approx 8 mm thick cable…i don’t know where i brought it from …sozz…

welcome to the forum…

price is 152 aud from core plus the shipping method…for the pi-400 kit… at this date and time

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No matter what page on your web site I try to access, within a couple of seconds it is largely covered by your search drop down. I have tried both Chrome and Edge with the same issue.

Hi Richard
I use Safari (Mac) and it probably is the same
If you hover the cursor over or near the “Shop”, “Learn”, “Support” words in the blue bar at the top the relevant drop down will appear.
Moving your mouse away from the blue bar fixes it.
Cheers Bob

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Hi is it possible to purchase a replacement sd card slot for 1 damaged on a pi 3.
Many thanks Bob