Raspberry Pi 5 Kit with SD card

I just installed my Pi 5 (bought the full kit) and it had an error on the update (“unmet dependencies”) so I followed the on-line information and did the “sudo apt full upgrade” which solved all that. BUT…
I see that I have the 32 bit installed. I didn’t check the version on the initial install: was it 32 or 64?
Otherwise it is VERY FAST… like a real PC! :+1::joy:

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If you bought this kit it would depend on what was preloaded on the SD card.
As your system says 32 bit, most likely it was 32 bit.

You can run Pi Imager on a PC and reimage the SD card to 64 bit if you want.

The downloaded image should not require any updates as it should be the most uptodate.
Or very few. Highly recommend going 64 bit.


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Hi Barjammar,

Both 32 and 64 bit will work. 64 bit is recommended for the Pi 5.

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Good comment …. but when I did the recommended upgrade I found I had a 32 bit OS. Did it revert? Can you check those SD cards to see what was included in the kit. Meantime I’ll do some research looking at the backup image I made before upgrade.

The SD cards in the kit are 32 bit. 32 bit OS will work on all the Pis we carry so our pre loaded cards come with 32 bit.