Raspberry pi 8 Blynk local Server

I have set up the Pi 8 as a Blynk Local server with the Server Java script. I have started the server and confirmed the local ip address is correct. However Chromium giv es me the message “this site can’t be reached”

I am trying to access the Blynk local server from the raspberry itself. (https;//

I have had the same setup running from a Windows machine without a problem.

Any help would be appreciated.



If you just manually try to browse a website using chromium on your Raspberry Pi, do you still see this error message?


If the Pi connected to your local network and was assigned that IP address, then your router admin page should be able to confirm the connection and display the address. Something like this:

If you examine the router status do you see the address of your server?


Thanks for your help.I found the problem. I had to turn off SSH in the Pi Configuration. Works perfectly now.

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