Pi 3 B+ POE Hat heatsink or no?

Hi All,

I’m looking to build a new project using the Pi 3 B+ (I already have a case for it hence why not using a 4!). I’m going to use the POE HAT, but would like to know before going ahead whether the fan on the hat is sufficient to cool the device? Alternatively, does anyone know if the heatsink kit will install without interfering with the hat?


Hey @Geek-IT-Up,

In most cases, the active cooling from the fan is sufficient so there would be no need to add a heatsink.

I hope this helps.

Hi Kim,

We gave this a whirl today and the heatsink does fit. Though you may want to insulate the POE HAT where the heatsink could make contact under some scenarios.

With that said, the POE HAT has a fan and that’s going to be so much better for the whole sytem compared to a passive heatsink. So the heatsink is not needed and may just hinder the airflow through that area.

Awesome, thanks guys!

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