Power On/Off Query

Help! Raspberry Pi 3 has taken over my TV!

Excuse the noobie question. Just bought a Pi 3 kit from you guys and installed LibreElec on it and have a few questions:

  1. When I power the Pi on, it automatically switches my TV to HDMI input. That’s a lot smarter than my previous LibreElec devices (laptop) but just a little bit unnerving. How does the Pi do that?

  2. When the Pi is booting up, it goes through the raspberry rainbow coloured boot images, then the screen goes black with a sound that’s exactly what my TV makes when its powered off … followed by the LibreElec boot images and shortly after, Libreelec becomes operational. What’s causing that “powered off” sound on my TV between the raspberry and libreElec boot sequence?

  3. This one’s the most annoying. When I shutdown LibreElec, it turns off my TV as well. As mentioned earlier, seems like the Raspberry Pi has taken control of my TV. Not Happy Jen! And to take annoyance to the next level, when I turn the TV back on, it’s still on HDMI input and I need to change it to TV input. How can I make the Pi stop turning off my TV?


CEC. Consumer Electronics Control. 'nuff said.

Looks like you figured it out :slight_smile:

You can disable CEC here:

Kodi Settings > System > Input > Peripherals > CEC