Raspberry Pi SIM7600 Hat

I am currently using a SIM7600A-H hat for the raspberry pi which uses the bands:
I cannot get it to connect and was wondering if the main problem lies in there being no compatible bands in Australia for the hat. If so, which hat would you recommend purchasing from your store?


Hi Philip,

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Yeah, the A-line of SIMCOM modules are aimed towards North American use, We stock the G variant which has a wide range of bands available and can be used by a much larger range of carriers.

Iā€™d check out this board here: SIM7600G-H M.2 4G HAT for Raspberry Pi, LTE CAT4 High Speed, 4G/3G/2G, GNSS, Global Band | Waveshare | Core Electronics Australia

And some more documentation if you are interested: SIM7600X-H 4G Wireless Technology | SIMCom Wireless Solutions


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