Raspberry Pi video looper

I have recently followed up with the video looping project in Raspberry pi it works fine but I am unable to stop this loop, for only a few seconds after I press ESC it exits and turns on back. Can someone give me a solution how to stop the program. I used a Raspberry pi Model B rev 2.0

Hi Mohammed,

I must say, I do not know the project, so have some questions to understand.
It depends a bit on the script, and what you want to achieve.

Do you want to stop immediately when you press Escape?
What is the script?
Perhaps you can scan for a key-press, or Ctrl-C.


Hi Mohammed,

Welcome to the forum.

Could you please provide a link to the guide you were following so we can be sure exactly what software it is using?
If it was this guide then the library it is using is this one and the escape key should exit the program. If it is then restarting then it’s possibly a problem with the configuration of the library that is also starting it, or another program which is scheduling the program to run.

Is you Pi looping through multiple videos or just a single one repeatedly?

Thank you for your reply. When I turn on my pi the video looping starts playing black screen. But as I press ESC it exits out of the program & returns to the home screen only for a few seconds & then it again loops. I tried Ctrl+C but it dosen’t seem to work.

How do I remove this loop?

The Pi is stuck in the video looping home screen where it displays the message " Insert USB to play movies". I am not able to come out of the program when I press ESC.

Anyways, I tried rebooting also still not working. So I am installing a fresh Raspbian OS. Can you share me the link for installation of the latest Raspbian OS for Raspberry Pi Model B revision 2.0 Arm6 architecture. This is an old pi.

Hi Mohammed,

You can find the download links for all the versions of the video looper at the link below. The latest version should support all Raspberry Pi hardware.