Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W need multiple wifi network connections

Hi there,

I am currently using a raspberry pi zero 2 w for my university honours project. Essentially, I want to add another network onto my pi so I can work on it at uni as well as home, but every time I have attempted to add the “eduroam” network (essentially the network used globally for all unis), it has “locked” me out of my home wifi and then I can no longer ssh into my pi.

These are the websites I have tried so far:

Essentially, I would love to be able to seamlessly switch between my home wifi and my uni wifi. Any help is very appreciated!

Hi Chloe, welcome to the forum!

Did that last guide work for you? It seems to be the most promising, as the wpa_supplicant.conf is actually stored on the partition of the SD card visible to Windows, so when you get home you could copy over the one with your home settings, and do the same when at uni. To make things easier, Pi 4s can boot from a USB stick, so a small one might make things easier if your laptop etc doesn’t have an SD slot.

Alternatively a more complicated setup could have a script on the Pi that watches for button presses and connects to wifi networks accordingly, if that interests you I can dig a bit deeper to see how hard that’s gonna be.