Red Static with new HDMI ribbon cable

I just tried using the new ‘DIY USB or HDMI Cable Parts - 20 cm HDMI Ribbon Cable’ with these adapters ADA3552 , ADA3549 with my Waveshare 7" LCD. I seem to be getting a alot of red interferance due to the ribbon cable as shown in the image below.

I have tried using a normal HDMI Cable and it seems to work fine, so the issue is definatly to do with the ribbon cable or the connectors. Is there any settings I could change to make them work or are the cables faulty?

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Hi Brendon,

I’d try reseating the ribbon cable and making sure that there arent any shorts between adjacent pads.
With the other cable working perfectly I’d say its definitely the hardware and not much you could fix in software.

I did try using another spare ribbon cable that I bought for the usb port, and it still has the same interference effect. I had a look at one of the hdmi ports and noticed what looks like a short when it was soldered, shown in the picture below.

I thought that might be the case but noticed that in the product image (ADA3552), it was the same.