RPi Zero Camera Not Recognised

Hi all,

I recently purchased the Raspberry Pi Zero W Camera Kit and I’ve not been able to activate the camera option in the Raspberry Pi Configuration screen (i.e., the “Camera” option has never been visible as an option). I’ve tried 3 different cameras that I have that I know all work with my RPi 3, including the one that came as part of the Kit. I have the camera cable ribbon correctly inserted into both the RPi and camera/s. I’ve run an update and upgrade. I’m running Raspbian Bullseye (Linux version 5.15.32).

Any suggestions on what I should do / try?



Hi Kirk, which port do you have it plugged into?
The CSI (camera port is on the other side of the SD card slot).
Are you able to send some photos?


Thanks for your quick response @Liam120347. Here is a photo. Please let me know if I’ve incorrectly connected anything.


Hi Kirk,

Are you able to activate it by entering the following command sudo raspiconfig
Then navigating to ‘Interfaces’ > Camera’ and enabling it through there?

Otherwise, I’d check out the troubleshooting steps in Tim’s guide: Cameras Compared for Raspberry Pi - Tutorial Australia

Let us know how you go!

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