Pi Zero W and Camera Module 2.1 error

Hi Guys,

I’m having issues with the Raspberry Pi Zero W and Camera 2.1. I’m getting the below error:

Running latest version of Raspbian lite, OS is up to date, camera is definitely correctly and securely connected.

Any suggestions?

Just tried the camera on my Rpi 2, camera still showing the same error.

Hi Marck,

If this is the first time you have used the Pi Camera, it might be worth taking a close look at the way you have connected it. Here is a great guide on YouTube:

Let me know how you get on.

Hi Graham,

Yes it is definitely connected properly. I have double, triple checked and it is definitely as shown in the video.

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The video doesn’t go into any detail about the SUNNY connector, which is a classic gotcha for the camera module. Make sure this connector is seated correctly. Here’s an image of the connector: If it isn’t seated flat into its receptacle then that could be the problem - easily fixed by gently pressing it flat.

Thanks you, I will take a look at the connector later.


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Hi Michael,

I have just checked that connector and it looks like it’s seated properly. I also unclipped and an re seated to make sure.

I’ve attached some pics just to show it’s all connected properly.


Hi Marck,

If you don’t have spare hardware to figure out what is wrong, then it might be best to send us everything so we can isolate the issue. Go ahead and reply to your order confirmation email and we’ll give you more instructions.

Hi Graham,

I’ve just replied to Order # 100067888 for instructions.


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