Seeeduino Nano (Seeed Studio) (SS102010268)

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The Seeeduino Nano is a compact board similar to the Seeeduino V4.2/Arduino UNO, and it is fully compatible with Arduino Nano on pinout and sizes. Compare to Arduino Nano, Seeeduino Nano use Type-C instead of Mini-USB, which is symmetrical and reversible.

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Could anyone tell me if the Grove connector on a Seeduino Nano is compatable with StemmaQT / Piicodev cables?


Not directly. Grove uses JST PH I believe, while piicodev, stemma qt, and qwiic all use JST SH. Grove does not use PH, it’s something else.

You’ll need an adapter from Grove I2C, and you’ll also need to check the voltage of your device is 3.3v or use a logic level shifter (unless you’re using a stemma qt device, as these all have level shifters on board). The Seeeduino nano is a 5v device.

Here’s one (just the first that came up in a search, I’m sure there are others):