Sending SMS with a Waveshare 7000E module and Hologram SIM

Hi there,

I’m using an ESP8266 Module to communicate with the Waveshare 7000E Module and also monitor a 5v wall supply, so that when the power fails at a remote location I can get an SMS notification of when it goes out and then again when the power is restored. I have got a working prototype using a Telstra SIM card, however to get a Telstra SIM for this is going to cost too much per month to run ($45+ for SMS per month), hence I was looking at Holograms offering.

I have been able to successfully attach the hologram Sim and Waveshare to the network, however when I send an SMS, it sends and I get charged for the SMS, however I do not receive the SMS.

I have reached out to hologram support and they told me that the number I will get the SMS from will start with +882 and that some carriers do block that area code.

I have also reached out to my phone service ( and asked if they blacklist that area code, which they have told me they do not block any incoming SMS.

I was wondering whether anyone has had any experience with the Waveshare 7000E module and/or Hologram SIMs and could offer any advice or confirm that they have been able to use this setup for sending SMS.

Let me know if any more info is needed and thanks in advance,


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for making a topic and very sorry that we didnt get back to you sooner!

Would it be possible to send through the code you are using to send the texts (minus any private information like phone numbers ect)

I havent had a chance to tinker around with the Hologram sims but is there an area in your dashboard where you are able to see what is sent? or use the string that’s sent to the AT command?