Setting Up a PiCade and RetroPie using a Pi 4 8GB

Hi All,

We had a customer who recently bought a PiCade 10" and a Pi 4 8GB. The latest RetroPie image (v4.6, released April 2020) hasn’t yet been updated to be compatible with the new Pi 4 8GB so it’s still a bit of a manual process to get it working.

Rather than leave the info hidden away in our emails I thought I’d share it here in the hope it may help someone else out! Essentially, the issue is the 8GB needs the latest firmware.

The steps are:

  1. Install the latest Raspberry Pi OS on an SD card (if you’re comfortable with the terminal definitely go for the Lite version)
  2. Connect your Pi to the Internet (via WiFi or Ethernet)
  3. Install all the updates for Raspberry Pi (Open a terminal window and type sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
  4. Install drivers for the Hat. See the Software Setup section on Pimoroni’s Product page for the Picade. (Open a terminal window and type curl | bash
  5. Go through the RetroPie Manual installation steps. Follow the steps for the Full Install (Basic Install >> Quick Install), and be meticulous about following steps and checking details.
  6. Setup your Pie to Boot to Emulation Station
  7. Finish the PiCade Set up instructions (Getting up and running)

Once this is done you should have your PiCade up and running using the 10" display, and booting directly into RetroPie on startup.

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