Pico suppport for Waveshare SIM868

I watched and read the guide Tim put together for the Waveshare SIM7600G-H using the RPi 4.
4G and GPS HAT For Raspberry Pi - Waveshare SIM7600X - Tutorial Australia
The Guide has all the code at the bottom.

I am using a Pico and have the Waveshare SIM868.
SIM868 GSM/GPRS/GNSS Module For Raspberry Pi Pico, Bluetooth Connection | Pico-SIM868-GSM/GPRS/GNSS

I am struggling with libraries and generally setting up the program in Thonney to start using it, much less create new problems to ask you all …

where much is requested, whatever is given is greatly appreciated,
-Creatively drawing a Blank

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately Tims guide uses a different SoC (SIM7600G vs SIM868) with a different feature set.
While the guide for the Pi wont work Waveshare have a collection of examples that will run on the board:

Down the bottom in the resources folder there’s a download for example code.

Which country are you based in? Australia has since deprecated 2G so a majority of the long range features of this board won’t work. The newer SIM7080G Modules have NB-IoT which piggy backs off of 4G,

If you have any other questions fire away!

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You’re right… That’s a better fit. I’ll research it out. I’m in the USA and 2G is not going to cut it. I plan on using M2M and you’re right 2G is not available. Cat-M looks like a great solution to a problem i didn’t know I had!
I’m ordering up a SIM7080G and play with the Demo Code they have.

loads of Pico Specific stuff and Demos with a ton of sencors are available too
Thanks for the rabbit hole!

I’ll end up asking for help again when I come up for air…