Toggle Switch (COM-09276)

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This is a heavy duty SPST toggle switch - your basic on/off toggle. Rated for 2A at 250V or 4A at 125V. Includes a face plate and two threaded nuts for mounting. Works great with our missile switch cover.

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Has anyone taken one of these apart? I disassembled mine in the hopes of making one of the pins a bit tighter (it was a bit wobbly) and now when I put it back together it doesn’t seem to work. I don’t think I lost any parts, but I may be wrong.

Hi Portza,

Not this one specifically, but I’ve disassembled toggle switches in the past. They’re mighty fiddly to get back together correctly, and the spring loaded bits have a mind of their own!

For the cost, you might be better off just getting a replacement. However, I’ve pulled one apart and put it back together - see images below:

The tricky bit is getting the spring and toggle back together - had both hands full hence no photos, sorry! Got to make sure the spring is properly seated on the brass pivot, and the toggle is correctly inserted into the white plastic guide in the other end of the spring - then hold it all together while putting the screws in.

I used the corner of the bench to get it back together.


Hi Oliver,

I see where I was going wrong now. I had the small plastic nub on the wrong side of the spring!

Thanks a lot. You guys are phenomenal and everything about your store and community just brings me happiness.

Thanks again!