SmartiPi Touch 2 Back Cover - 35mm (CE06653)

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The back for the cover for SmartiPi Touch 2 allows you to cover HAT boards or other additional electronics on the back of the SmartiPi Touch 2.

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Will this fit over a Pi with Clusterhat and 4xPi Zero? My rough measurements have the height at 45-48 mm from the top of a model B Pi’s PC board.

Hey David,

That’s a good question,

The Pi Zero itself takes up at least 30 mm, there’s only 35mm of clearance in this back cover so unfortunately it won’t fit. That being said, you may be able to either 3D print your own cover if you have a CAD program (such as Fusion360 or Blender) and have an idea of the dimensions you need, or you may not need a cover over the back of your cluster anyway, which would improve airflow quite significantly although leave the Zero’s potentially exposed.

Let us know how you end up solving it, I’m curious to see what you come up with! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


It’s a very close, either way. Yesterday when I had the idea and asked the PiZero was busy updating . Now it’s available, so I can fit it and take measurements. On a Pi4 the top of the clusterhat pcb is about 2mm below the top of the magjack, the top of the Zero is 34.5 mm above the PCB, so 32.5 mm above the magjack. So, the dilemma will most likely be resolved by not using any cover at all, with an old Pi2. It’s a little impractical to come in and try it from the Huon Valley.


Most likely, I’ve seen similar projects where people have used the HighPi case and used a heat gun to warp the center just enough to get a clean fit on HATs that are slightly too large, although it voids the warranty ofcourse, and being ABS it tends to be quite fickle and warp out of shape quite dramatically…

But could be a possible option for you depending on the material of your cover rather than printing or laser cutting one custom.

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