Sourcing resistive touch glass for Casio Classpad

Anyone got any ideas how to source (custom-sized?) resistive touch glass replacement for the front of a Casio Classpad II calculator? Dimensions 72 x 128mm (so it is a 16:9 ratio), but where the size doesn’t match any sizes I have found when just googling for generic one. The LED display behind the touchpad is fine, just the front touchscreen glass Is cracked. Local Casio repairer will do it, but at $110 (+ 2 x postage costs), it would cost more than a good second hand calculator is worth. And they don’t sell the replacement units to DIY.
Besides which, it is more about fixing this myself, as a personal challenge.

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Welcome Michael!

The easiest way to source one is likely off a donor unit, have you emailed Casio directly? Sourcing the part might be quite hard, if you still have the screen there might be a serial number you can use then trawl Ali Express, Ebay or reverse Google search (GPT4 has image lookup but not sure how good)

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Hey Michael,

Liam’s answer is probably the way to go. Have you got the serial number for the glass you are looking for, that’s the easiest way to see if it can be found for a DIY repair?