SparkFun Qwiic MP3 Tigger dev-15165


I’m new here so please forgive me if this question seems to basic

I’m after a simple MP3 player that works off remote triggers and the “SparkFun Qwiic MP3 Tigger dev-15165” seem to fit the part.
I’m wondering what it will take ( apart from loading sounds that seems pretty straight forward ) to configure the volume and EQ settings given that I’m running it in a standalone configuration.

Also are there some settings that relate to what happens if the unit receives another trigger whilst its playing a sound. Does it just plays the next audio track immediately or does it lock out any further requests until the current track has stopped playing.

Thanks in advance

Hi Richard,

Perhaps the easiest way to have different volume settings is to bake them into the mp3 files themselves.

For realtime control, Sparkfun have explained how to do that in the guide, under the titles “Audio Amplifier” and “Qwiic MP3 Trigger Library”