SparkFun Qwiic MP3 Trigger -


I’m using an external sensor to trigger a “SparkFun Qwiic MP3 Trigger” ( in stand alone mode) and I’m finding it will accept another trigger, whilst its currently playing a track.
Is there a way of getting the unit not to accept a new trigger until the current track being played back has finished.
I notice that there is a pin (INT) that goes low when a track is playing ( that I thought I could use to control a relay to disconnect my sensor signal ) but that only seems to be able to be reset by a micro controller external to the board.
I’m hoping that the brains trust can help me find a solution.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Richard,

Hmm, an idea that comes to mind is to use an Arduino as a “buffer”. The triggers are connected to the Arduino Uno, which has some code that “queues” outputs, ensuring they are played in sequence.

Better again would be to use External Interrupts on the Arduino to ensure triggers are never missed.