SparkFun SIM Card - 6 Months (Unlimited Data) (CEL-13186)

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This is a standard sized SIM card with 6 months of unlimited data-only use. Service for this SIM card provided from T-Mobile through SparkFun and works in any T-Mobile coverage area in the world! No contract, no credit check, no strings attached. This card is really meant for M2M communication but you get 1GB per month at full LTE speeds (once that 1GB limit has been reached you will be throttled). Each card gets activated when it ships.

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I just want to know how can I order the SIM card

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Hi Martin,

Unfortunately that one looks to be retired on both Core’s website and Sparkfun’s.
The closest is probably the Hologram one: just note that you have to pay for the service as well!
You could also pick one up from Telstra or another carrier :smiley: