Stepper motor test rig

Hi guys,
I am a TEVO user and the info from them is nearly zero. Also everyone on the tevo forum contradict each other. Ok what I want to do is create a test rig for NEMA 17 steppers. As all you know the price of these things are wildly different. So what i did was to buy a genuine tevo motor and also a “clone”.

The connections look similar but i don’t want blow up my controller to test them.

I ordered this:
from China as a controller.

I also ordered this
from core.

the question is, can i pair up these devices to make a simple test rig. Both units are powered by 12 v.
Also by what i can see all the control lines are right (i think). Can any of you genius users out there check and see if the set up is going to work.

Thanks in advance!


I’d expect you could use either of those controllers just fine for a test rig. The word “test” is entirely contextual to you, though :slight_smile:

I suppose you could build a jig/setup to work just the way you need with minimal fuss and repeatable tests.

Hi Graham,

I would need both of those devices ? The chinese board for a controller and your 6600 for the driver.

I am confused how this stuff works mate.

You said either of those controllers. Is it ok if I rang you at the shop?

The best way forward would be to have a read of this guide

With some very light coding, you can use an Arduino to control the stepper however you need.

That’s not everyone’s preference, though the payoff of learning the ropes with something like Arduino would undoubtedly be worth it in the long run.

There are a lot of ways to go about this without code, though almost always will become more complicated in the end.