Tech Support - Very Slow boot on new Pi

Recently purchased a a couple of new Media Centre Pis and one is taking a very long time to boot, several minutes. Once in it seem to be performing OK.

My other one boots into Kodi in 15 secs. What are some useful troubleshooting tips to try and narrow down the issue. It looks to my untrained eye like a corrupted image on the SD card.
I have not swapped the card from the good one yet as I was wanting some assistance from you guys.

I’m not sure how one get support on a forum effectively.


OK. Update.
Definitely the card or image on the card. I swapped the cards from good to bad and
it booted fast, so not a board problem.

So what is the next step? Get the disk imager thingy and get the 8.8.4 image and do a fresh install?
Let me know.

Hi David,

The easiest way is to follow this tutorial to repair your card

Then re-write the image onto it.