Temperature measurement 500 degC

I am not an electronics hobbyist. I would like to buy products to measure temperature up to 500 degC inside a tube furnace which is being used as a reactor. The platinum RTD ADA 3290 and amplifier MAX 31865 look suitable but I really don’t know what else I need to be able to display temperature and record it over say 4 hours. Do I need some kind of “micro-controller” or “board” or a 5V power supply? I would like to get the simplest combination for the task at hand.

Hi Greg,

Probably the easiest way would be to use an Arduino Uno, the temperature sensor, and an LCD screen. You can find out how to use and program all these parts in the “Learn” section of our website. We have an Arduino Workshop that walks you through how to use an Arduino from start to finish.

We have a Tutorial on how to use an LCD with Arduino as well. Between those two you should be most of the way to your goal!

The last step would be a logger of some sort:

Take a look through our tutorials and let me know what you think. It would be easiest to find an existing project that you can closely copy, and we could help you out with any problems you might encounter along the way.

Here is a great one that uses similar parts just no display. You could pretty much make this exact project and replace the sensor for the High Temp that you need:

Hi Stephen,
Many thanks for your reply. I am new to this but following your response, I started looking at the Arduino tutorials which define some of the terminology and it all begins to make some sense. I am looking forward to getting the temperature measurement project done and then maybe playing with some of the other possible functionality. I am starting from scratch so am thinking of getting the Sparkfun inventors kit which has most of the bits and pieces I will need.

500ºC is pretty hot, well into the K-Type Thermocouple zone. Same approach though, just with a couple of more specialised bits such as:

They also need a special amplifier because the signals are so small. I recommend this one, because it works with pretty much everything. Guides are linked inside the description :slight_smile:

Thanks Graham. I looked at the K thermocouple but decided to go for the Platinum RTD Sensor - PT100 - 3 Wire 1 meter long** with amplifier **Adafruit PT100 RTD Temperature Sensor Amplifier - MAX31865 - according to the description, it is suitable for the temperature and seems to have better precision and accuracy than the K thermocouple.

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That sounds like a great plan Greg! The Inventors kit will have most of the parts you would need, and great instructions on how to use them. It will be a small just to use the high temperature sensor that you are looking to use.

Let us know if you need any direction along the way, and please share your finished project with us when you’re all finished!