Temperature sensor I can mount on a metal surface

Hi ya’ll,

Been trying to find a “ready to mount” temperature sensor that I can get results with a Arduino immediately. I want to mount a temp sensor to a piece of metal and get temp readings from it throughout the day but I haven’t been able to find one that has capabilities to read from 0*C to approx 100 degrees. Any recommendations?

There’s heaps - what exactly do you mean by ready to mount? What mounting and connections are you looking for? Most temperature sensors will do around 0-125°C.

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Hi “5”
I assume you want to measure the temp of the metal.
If there is no mechanical stress I have had success attaching the little “transistor” types to copper pipe with a blob of heatsink compound (to get good heat transfer). The wiring has to be fixed securely without any stress on leads or device. This works OK if left alone.

You can go down the thermocouple path but you will HAVE TO USE an interface to process the very small voltage produced (40µV per ºC). Also have to apply “cold junction compensation” which is very important. Without this the error could be anything up to the value of ambient temperature.These interface units take care of this. “K” type would probably be the most common. It has a yellow (+) and red (-) wire. These colours usually indicate which type of thermocouple it is, there are many. I think some interfaces don’t take kindly to earthing so you may have to insulate from metal with thin piece of mica like transistor insulators and some heat sink compound.
Cheers Bob