Usb radio dongle with antenna


need help with new usb radio dongle , how i get it to work ?

Hi Gary,

I’m not sure what you’ve purchased, though chances are there will be links on the product page, inside the description area.

hey Graham,

this is what i purchased

Crazyradio PA - long range 2.4Ghz USB radio dongle with antenna (Seeed Studio)

Hi Gary,

There are some tools on how to get that one set up with the manufacturer
This link is the product wiki for the PA
and this is the guides for the crazyradio range
If you have some specific problem you were trying to tackle just post the details and we will do our best to get you back on track.

hey Clinton,

thanks for the call ,

none of the info is really helping .

i brought this radio antenna thinking ones i plugged it in , their would be a program attached to it , which would let me turn it on and config the channels and network ,

please see attached , its the radio i need to buy but its expensive , so thought this would do the trick

i have the same machine it needs to connect with .




TDL_100A_QRC_A5_35639_eng.pdf (370 KB)

Hi Gary,

The Crazyradio PA is designed to work with Crazyflie products, though more specifically, 2.4 GHz chips from Nordic Semiconductor.

There are guides for the product which detail how to use it, though you may need to talk to the OEM for the product to see if Crazyradio is a compatible option.

Hey graham,

Thanks for the reply,

I think it’s too complex for what I need it for

I will just have to return it to you guys as it’s what u thought it could be

Can you please provide me with an address to return the item




Hi Gary,

That might be possible, though not always. Reply to your order confirmation email to get in touch with our logistics team.