Waveshare 3.5inch HDMI LCD .. Missing Sound Option

Received a Waveshare 3.5inch HDMI LCD on the 19th Sept 2023 purchased from Core Electronics.

There is no sound volume control on the OSD.

When every video i can find online (even one from the Official Waveshare site) clearly shows a sound volume control option on the OSD.

First photo is of my display … and below it are photos from youtube of the same display that does have one.

What gives ?

Hey @Philip254612

Did you have the link to the part you ordered?

If you click the wiki link under Development Resources which takes you too

Is where you can see the Sound Setting Icon in the Youtube video on that page where i took the first photo from showing the sound option which is missing on my device.

Hey Philip,

It seems as far back as 2019 (Thank you wayback machine) they have only had Audio out from HDMI via the Audio Jack. It seems to get it to work you have to input the following commands into the console:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt #Edit the config.txt file in the boot directory
Change hdmi_drive=1 to hdmi_drive=2
ctrl+x-->Y #Save and exit
reboot #reboot the system
apt-get install mplayer #install mplayer
mplayer music.mp3 #Play music

Give that a go and see how you go with it.


Hello Blayden,

You are misunderstanding my complaint.

I have audio from the 3.5mm output, but there is no Sound Volume option to control the audio level.

Watching reviews on Youtube, with the Sound Volume option on the display is able to produce a louder volume level from 3.5mm Headphone jack.

Since i intended to use this display in portable battery powered project, i was hoping to use a non-powered speaker to produce sound.

This is no longer a possibility and the audio level from the 3.5mm socket is very low and without the option to increase the volume.

Your website has some confusing/misleading information as well. eg

Quote: “Sound support means, it is possible for the game console to output sound signal via LCD embedded speaker, external speaker interface, or earphone jack”

The is no LCD embedded speaker or external speaker interface on the device that i can see.

Ultimately, I’m disappointed with my purchase not having features as advertised.

I will now have to add more expense the project to add powered speakers (USB speakers are not an option)