Waveshare 7inch LCD IPS 1024x600 (with case) (CE06732)

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A 7inch display that comes with a case is a sturdy interface for a portable microcomputer setup

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During my work on my laptop I want to share my screen to small monitor so that my work colleague see my screen , Can I use the Waveshare 7inch LCD IPS 1024x600 (With Case).
Can he read the wiritting that is on my screen on the 7 inches screen ? what type of power supply the 7 inches monitor get? Can it display microsoft word that is on my laptop screen on it ?


Hi Adam,

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As long as your computer has another HDMI output then you’ll be good to replicate your screen (note if they are different resolutions it will lock it to the highest resolution - most likely your laptop’s screen, if its 4K there might be some blurring).

Depending on the size of the text he should be able to read it no worries, check out this image for reference.

Ideally, the screen should be powered from a dedicated 5V 2+ A micro USB power supply, and the touch interface can be connected using its own dedicated port
The screen is able to display whatever is coming through via HDMI, if Word is on the screen then it will pop up!


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Thank you Liam .

Hello, just want to check that if my device can only output 720p or 1080p through HDMI, this monitor will accept that input and do scaling internally without tanking frame rate or doing anything else weird? The description seems to imply it should work fine. Thanks

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Hi Thomas,

HDMI is a bit smart where you device will tend to adjust to what is best. Sometimes this doesn’t happen and then there could be some scaling that occurs.