What Chip do i need

Hi, we have created an air filtration device that we are looking to push to market. We need to put a chip in it to control the on/off power and fan speed that can then be linked to an app. We were looking at the ESP32 chip but are completely new to this and aren’t really sure what will work best for us. Could you please advise?

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Hi James,

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FYI, a lot of the products we sell are focused at the development stage, down the line you’d probably want something dedicated.

The ESP32 is definitely a good go-to microcontroller if you need WiFi and Bluetooth. Keep in mind that microcontrollers can provide control signals but they pretty much can’t power anything, so you need some form of power electronics for actually switching loads based on commands from the microcontroller.

Here’s a handy tutorial using an ESP32 and the Blynk app for IoT control:

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