Which momentary push button

Hi there,

I am building a vacuum screen printing table. I need a button that I can install onto my vacuum cleaners power lead. The purpose will be that when I lower my screen printing screen, the button is pushed and the vacuum cleaner is turned on. When I lift up the screen the vacuum cleaner stops again.
I do not have much experience with electrical projects and I want to make sure I choose the right (and safe) option. What can you recommend?

Cheers, Xander

Hi Xander,

Thanks for making a post!

If you are using a 240V vacuum cleaner, you need to be very careful as mains voltage is lethal if mishandled. We do have a few components rated for 240V/10A, but it is illegal for an unlicensed person to perform work on mains wiring in Australia.

That said, if you talk to an electrician to do the mains wiring for you, I’d suggest using a 5v Relay, a 5v supply, and a microswitch:

This way you can use a safe extra-low DC voltage to switch your mains load, and be able to work on that part of the circuit safely without fear of electrocution or shock.

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