XBOX Series X|S Controller Not working

Raspberry Pi 4B

Hi Newbie here ,

I’m trying to connect my XBOX one controller (Model 1914) to my new Raspberry Pi 4B via RetroPi Interface. However, I keep getting an error when choosing the first or second option in the security settings.

“An error occured connecting to the bluetooth device (Creating Device Failed: org.bluez.error.ConnectionAttemptFailed: page timeout”

Followed the Fixed Setup for Xbox One Bluetooth Controller with RetroPie on Raspberry Pi 3 - YouTube to diable ertm
Via RetroPie interface I downloaded the xpando

But still have the similar issue as explained above , pls help

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Hey Ajay,

Welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear that one isn’t working as expected. I’d take a look at this post from the Retropie Forums, it looks like someone has at least got the Series S/X controller up and running within Retropie, though there seems to be a few prevalent issues. If possible, I’d recommend starting with a fresh install of the Retropie OS so you can isolate any previously installed libraries/modules from being the cause of the issue here.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that specific controller in house to troubleshoot with, but if you run into any more issues shoot through a reply with some details and we’ll see what we can do from here.

Hope this helps!

Hi Ajay,

I’m not sure if it applies to the XBOX one controller but there is a new bug when connecting Retropi controllers due to a change in firmware, we have a workaround posted here:

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