3G/4G dialling module/system with HTTP interface

Hi Guys, I am looking for a solution which would allow me to automatically dial PSTN network phones, get the confirmation when a call was answered or not, when the call was terminated and ability to play pre-recorded voice-message (from .wav file example). The solution may / should use 3G/4G SIM card slot working with Australian sims. I need http interface to initiate, terminate and get status of an outbound call. Ideally I am after full HW+SW solution based on Arduino or raspberry or similar you may have. Please note the solution is not for spamming anyone, but to use with our smart home and security gateways to notify system users about emergency situations at home. Previous (existing) diallers use PSTN phone lines which are rare nowadays, or built in 3G/4G interface. We are looking for the solution for those systems without built-in 3G/4G interface but with excellent HTTP, RPC, Modbus, and other open protocol interfaces.

Could you please advice any ready to go solution based on your product offering? Thanks a lot.

Hey Jerzy,

I’m doing some digging, and apparently, the SIM7000 chips can make voice calls, I’ll do some more digging to find out if any of the breakout boards for it can use voice.

Another research route to follow would be reflashing a USB dongle to add voice if it’s got the chips to support it.

Others are suggesting using a dedicated IP phone or voip service for this.

Either way you’d have to do a lot of testing, as I can’t see a turn-key solution to your problem based on DIY electronics.

Thank you James, I would appreciate if you would have any further updates on SIM7000 or similar.

Strange that such - one would think - obvious and easy solution doesn’t exist as a ready to go turn-key set.

Cheers, Jerzy

Hi Jerzy,

Turns out I was completely wrong!

A colleague of mine has pointed me to the Waveshare hat for Raspberry Pi which supports dialling and voice apparently, I’m having a look into that now, but you’ll probably beat me to a conclusion


Hi James, that’s that product I was initially looking at in your online shop. As I am not myself an expert in Raspberry Pi I would probably need some advice on other components required for the whole set.