Adafruit RFM69 hat/bonnet interference on Raspi 4

I have a problem with pins on the Raspberry Pi 4 interfering with the Adafruit RFM69 915Mhz bonnet. Attached are some shots of the problem. What are these pins and can they be removed (cut)?



Hey Andrew,

Those are the PoE pins for your Pi

No harm at all in removing them if you don’t need PoE. It’d void the warranty on the Pi, but you can cut or desolder them if you’d like, a little Solder/Soder Wick on the bottom of the pins with some fairly high heat from an iron for a brief hit to avoid accidentally burning any other components and adding some fresh solder to the joint to improve the flow when desoldering should do it.

Things to watch out for:

  • Do not power on the Pi before checking with a multimeter on the pins before and after the solder job to avoid shorting lines accidentally

  • If you cut them, be aware that these pins are quite sharp and with side cutters I find they turn into pretty nasty little projectiles sometimes, safety glasses are a must

  • An iron with a fairly thick chisel tip is usually best for desoldering pins and other large through-hole components, but should be easy enough with any iron.

P.S. Option B is to use something like this to get some more space above the pins without modding the Pi or breakout

All the best with the new HAT. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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