Compatibility of RPi 3b+ and screen components

Hi all,

I am looking to build a self-contained digital photo frame that will pull photos from cloud services (Dropbox, iCloud etc) and display them in a rotating slideshow. Before I order the equipment I just wanted to make sure that everything I have chosen will work together. I am most cautious about the new 3B+ board and the screen case that it will be mounted in.

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

RPi 3B+ (
Official Power Supply + In-Line power switch cable
7" Official Touchscreen (
Pimoroni Display Case (
MicroSD Card

Is there anything here that wont work, or is there anything you suggest that I have forgotten? This is to be a mothers day gift for my wife to take to work, so I would like it to be as self-contained as possible.



Hi Ben,

Those bits and pieces will work fine together. Bear in mind that you may need to flip the screen with that case.

Come on back after the build and share what you’ve made, I’m interested to hear what you choose for the software.